Online Booking Software. Built For the Perfect Customer Experience.

TeleHippo is an appointment scheduler for booking virtual meetings or in-person meetings. You get feedback and ratings on your staff, services, and customers. So you can reduce no-shows, operational mistakes, and customer complaints. TeleHippo helps you get new customers while retaining repeated customers. Learn about how it works.

Reduce no shows. Reduce lost revenue.

Missed appointments wastes your preparation time and makes you lose revenue as another customer could have fit that time slot. At worst case, you even need to pay your practitioners the no-show fee. With TeleHippo, you can remind customers about upcoming appointments with automated email and text alerts. And you can view attendance and satisfaction history for each customer.

Reduce operational mistakes. So your staff and you waste less time.

Booking the wrong time slot, service, or staff is costly to the business. TeleHippo is built to reduce operational mistakes. So your team can spend more time serving customers and you can scale the business. Reduce booking mistakes with easily recognizable coloured booking cells. Keep staff up-to-date or last minute changes with all day notes system banner notification. Add customer-specific notes with customer tags.

Resolve customer complaints. Before they write negative reviews online.

Optionally enable TeleHippo to ask customers to leave feedback and rate each appointment. So you can know how the appointment went. And resolve customer issues before they write bad reviews online and damage your reputation. And you can know where to invest your efforts.

Increase repeated business. And new referrals.

Turn loyal customers into brand ambassadors. Optionally enable TeleHippo to ask loyal customers to write online reviews on public platform of your choice (ex. Google, Yelp, Facebook). So your business looks more trustworthy and new prospects may come to you over your competition.

You’re not alone. Our live chat ensures you run a smooth operation.

You shouldn’t be wasting time figuring out how to use a scheduler. Send us an email and we will set this up for you. So you can start to schedule appointments and accept online bookings right away. And ping us on our live chat in case you run into problems.

Improve team efficiency. With role-based access.

Assign your team members as practitioners/consultants so they can check their own schedule. Assign your team members as front desk so they can schedule and manage appointments. Assign your team members as administrators so they can access reports and manage the team.

Access business data anywhere anytime. No more paper and spreadsheets.

Stop doing data entry and analysis on paper or spreadsheet. You should be able to instantly know how many appointments you did, how many new customer you got, how much revenue you made, how much you need to pay your staff, etc. TeleHippo automatically tracks essential business data for you so you can access them anywhere anytime.

Accept online bookings 24 hours a day. No more missed bookings from missed calls.

Let customers book and cancel appointments, leave feedback and rate your service, and check invoices online. Reduce missed bookings and save your frontdesk time on the phone so they can spend more time serving customers and resolve urgent issues.

Digitalize your operation with a modern scheduler

Client Database

Add notes. View appointment history. View satisfaction.

Activity Log

Track all the actions your staff and clients took. Audit procedures and investigate issues.

Booking Channels and Lead Sources

Track and understand where customers find you (ex. Google, Facebook, Yelp) and how they book appointments (ex. SMS, email, online booking, phone, in person)

Schedule Reminders

Automatically send booking schedule to staff the day before the appointments – so they need when to work.

Digital Invoices

Email or print digital invoices. Or let customers sign in to track their own invoices.

Feedback and Ratings

Automatically asks for feedback and ratings. So you know what to improve on and how you can scale your business.

Net Promoter Score

Track how likely your customers would refer your business to their family and friends


Customer notes. Appointment notes. Daily notes. So your team is up-to-date with customers’ specific needs and sudden staff changes.

Set up your booking system

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