Keep Appointments at a Safe Distance

Contactless Booking and Digital COVID Screening

TeleHippo lets you prompt customers to complete a digital COVID pre-screening form before their appointment is accepted

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Covid-19 Vaccination screening and consent form
COVID-19 prescreening form

See Our Forms in Action

Learn first-hand how our digital prescreen forms can help speed up booking your appointments while keeping you and your business safe

Integrated COVID-19 Screening Form

You don’t have the space or time to set up a temperature check station. You should be focusing your energy on your customers. Not on running the door. TeleHippo provides you with digital screening forms customers can fill out and turns away anyone who doesn’t pass

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COVID-19 prescreening form

Send Printable Copies

Save hours of your day spent printing hard copies for customers to sign, as well as the cost. Avoid the hassle of storing all that paper. With the click of a button you can provide your customers with a printable copy they can fill out and bring with them.

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Easy Access for Records

Always know where your forms are in case you’re required to give proof or provide contact tracing. No more digging through a filing cabinet, no more mess, and no more paper cuts.

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Accept Payments on Your Terms

Telehippo easily integrates with Stripe to allow you full control over your finances. Our flexible payment system allows you to pre-authroize customer’s credit card and charge them before their appointment or digitally send an invoice with link to payment after they leave.

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Proactively Handle Reviews

Resolve customer compliants before their negative reviews affect your business. Telehippo allows you to optionally enable customer feedback outreach and immediately know how appointments went. With feedback links provided, you can filter bad reviews to your personal account, and pass along highly rated reviews to Google.

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Reduce No-Shows and Lost Revenue

Missed appointments and no-shows waste your time and money. Filling up time slots that other customers could have filled. With TeleHippo you can automatically remind customers of their upcomming appointments with email or SMS reminders. 

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Stop being controlled by paperwork you hate

Take back more of your work day

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