Appointment Booking Software.

With built-in COVID-19 prescreen forms.

Save time by letting Telehippo deal with COVID-19 prescreening forms. With TeleHippo, you can offer appointment bookings with ease: accept online bookings and collect payments, deliver your service with in-person or online meetings, and collect feedback and ratings automatically from your clients. 

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Partnership announcement (For BcPhA pharmacies) 

Telehippo is proud to partner with the BC Pharmacy Association in providing an innovative solution built specifically for pharmacists to help management patient workflow this extraordinary flu season that is ahead of us.  

As a BCPhA member, enjoy an exclusive membership rate. Enjoy online bookings, automated email and SMS notifications, online COVID-19 pre-screening, online vaccine consent form and most importantly compliant with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).  

We have integrated the BCPhA COVID-19 pre-screen form and Immunization Consent form into our system offering a turnkey solution for pharmacies so that you can start taking online appointments immediately.  

Our booking isn’t just for flu, you can easily create and start taking bookings for any type of service that you need from Medication Reviews, Diabetes consultations, Smoking Cessation, Travel Health, you name it.

The BCPhA team will also be available to provide you support of you need any help setting up your booking tool.  For more information or to place an order please visit will start September 17, 2020.


Covid-19 Vaccination screening and consent form

See Our Forms in Action

Learn first-hand how our digital prescreen forms can help speed up booking your appointments while keeping you and your business safe

Save time with built-in dual  COVID-19 prescreen forms

Pre-screen every appointment with dual COVID-19 forms: one before booking the appointments, and one within 24 hours before the appointment. Telehippo sends out a SMS or email automatically to prompt for form completion. Check out a demo for the COVID-19 prescreen form here.

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Meet your clients through virtual or in-person meetings.

Deliver your business meetings via Zoom (or Google Meeting) Video Streaming. Most people are already familiar with Zoom these days. TeleHippo is perfect for tutoring, fitness training, makeup advice, marketing consultation, business mentoring, etc. Be innovative. Instead of going over to the client’s house to fix the door, use video streaming to show him/her how to do it. If you don’t know if your business would work, email us at

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Accept online bookings 24 hours a day. No more missed bookings from missed calls.

Let customers book and cancel appointments, leave feedback, rate your service, and check invoices online. Reduce missed bookings and save your front-desk time on the phone so they can spend more time serving customers and resolve urgent issues.

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Collect payments from clients online with Stripe

Easily integrate with Stripe Standard Account. You have full control over your finance: handling refunds, getting payments to your bank accounts and viewing your finance reports. Clients can easily pay with any major credit card processors.

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Simplify your operation with advanced workflows

Save time in daily operations and let us take care of the most mundane work. TeleHippo is equipped with essential features: email and text reminders for appointments, user feedback, and rating collections, role-based access, financial reports, and marketing tools.

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I need this urgently. Can you set this up for me?

We made the onboarding simple so you can completely set this up on your own. However, If needed, you can book a consultation here (after you sign up for an account). Our specialist will work with you through a zoom meeting and get your business online as soon as possible.

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What people are saying about Telehippo

“We have been live for 3 days and the response has been fantastic. Very easy to use. It has made operations 100% more manageable.” – Curtis

“I’m a ‘one man operation” with no assistants/techs. It has simplified my life significantly. Patients can navigate the bookings with ease. The vaccine screening questionnaires are helpful as patients don’t need to spend time filling it out at the counter” – Victor

“A rough start, but BCPhA has been responsive and fully able to fix all issues. The online appointment booking system has been a blessing. It is true that not everyone will use the tool online. But the majority will book themselves and their family online. It has simplified our lives that much more. If another independent pharmacy wants a crash course on this booking tool, let me know and you’ll learn how it all works in 5-minutes. Three words: Use this tool. Worth every toonie.” – Eugene

“I would definitely recommend the booking tool to other pharmacy managers. It has made our most difficult flu shot season that much easier, and allows our patients to manage their appointments from the safety of their homes.” – Vanessa

“It has been fantastic. It was very simple to set up and use. It has aided both our staff and customers in the booking process. It has saved our staff a great deal of time. If it could answer the phone it would be magic.” – Alan

“Social distance has caused my manual therapy business to vanish overnight. With TeleHippo, I can now continue to deliver some of my services online. I am very far from succeeding yet. However, for someone who is not so proficient with technology, TeleHippo has given me hope, by linking all the essential tools together.” – Elma

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We have partnered with BC Pharmacy Association.Learn more