COVID-19 Vaccine Management Software

Canadian Pharmacy COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling Software.


Streamline your vaccine booking process with our integrated COVID-19 screening and vaccine eligibility forms. Using patient provided information, forms are autofilled and availble to print

Reduce overbooking with our inventory-controlled appointments, automated waitlist creation, and customized patient reminders.


Keep appointments organized with our feature-rich scheduling software

Provincial COVID-19 screening forms

COVID-19 screening and conset forms are autofilled with patient information as they book. Forms are then attached to the corresponding booking and available to print.

Automated Patient Reminders

Remind patients of their upcoming appointment via email or text. Customize outgoing messages and cut back on no-shows.

Enable Waitlists

Reduce the amount double-bookings with our waitlist feature. Once your allotted amount of inventory is used up, have patients be transferred to a waitlist to ensure their place in line.

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Elimiate needless phone calls

Our online booking application faciliates vaccine scheduling. It allows for patients to pick the times that best fit their schedule, while greatly reducing pharmacist time spent handling appointments over the phone. 


Customize patient COVID-19 vaccine eligibility 

Create specific criteria for vaccination eligibilty prior to patients making appointments. 

Regulate bookings based on:

  • Age range
  • Date of Birth
  • Employment (Frontline Workers)
  • Prior Vaccinations within 14 days

Inventory Controlled Bookings

Avoid the stress of overbooking, and reduce double-booking patients. Telehippo helps keep track of your vaccine inventory to ensure you never book more than what you have in stock.

Automatic Waitlist Creation

Once inventory runs out, ensure any subsequent boookings are transferred to a waitlist.

Patients will be informed of their waitlist position and can be kept up to date on any changes to inventory or wait time. Along with customized email reminders on appointment dates.

All Required Forms in One Place 

Telehippo helps keep required consent forms, prescreening forms, and waivers all in one place. 

Forms are auto-filled based on patient provided information and linked to their account. Freeing up time from the need for endless scanning and uploading.

No Download Needed

Telehippo works through your browser and alleviates the need for downloads or additional programs. 

Basic requirements for pharmacy users:

  • Chrome or Safari web browser
  • Desktop or Tablet for best results when handling bookings
  • A stable internet connection

Patients are able to book appointments from any browser, tablet, or phone, providing a wider range of accessibility.

Safe and Secure Patient Data

All sensitive data is kept inside Canda, patient or otherwise. We offer pharmacists the ability to download any data corresponding to their accounts.

Our goal is to facilitating proper record keeping and give you peace of mind.


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